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With an award-winning voice that's been described as "Sheer perfection," LJ Folk is at home 

singing everything from simple ballads to the swinging standards of the American Songbook.



Why Parking For Meatballs?

The restaurant is long gone but the "Parking for Meatballs Restaurant" sign actually

existed for years in Madeira Beach Florida, until it was painted over in 2022. 

It was a regular source of humor for LJ and his growing girls when they

traveled to Madeira Beach on their annual summer visits.



The Look of Love

One of the highlights of LJ's latest is his duet with the exquisitely talented Emilie-Claire Barlow.

Great Year

Licensed by Porsche-Motorsport for their 2017 New Year

Campaign, Great Year is becoming a modern classic.

An upbeat, positive tune to help ring in any New Year. 

One Hot Night in....


Wee Small Hours   


Photo: Will Fournier

LJ Folk

Larry "LJ" Folk has worn a lot of hats in the music business over the past 45 years: Music Director, Producer, Writer, Arranger, Composer and Educator, but the one his audiences love best:




His award-winning tone, and silky leads breathe new life into well known songs, and his jazz arrangements of songs from the 60”s and 70’s offer a delightful revisit to the songs of that era.


Check out LJ's original songs at  www.larryfolk.com

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"Despite the whimsical title, this CD

is a work of incredible depth and artistry

and certainly one of the finest

vocal jazz recordings of the year"

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

(WholeNote Magazine April 2015)


"If you love vocal jazz, you will want to add this

high-energy artist to your collection.


Dick Metcalf





"I give LJ and his musical partners a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this excellent vocal jazz album – it’s a winner, for sure". 

Dick Metcalf ( Roctcod Zzaj)


"I've got a new,  favourite Toronto singer... LJ Folk.  (his) voice is expressive yet controlled and has a lovely warm tone. Tasteful solos by all the players round out the charms of this album."

Cathy Riches

(Wholenote Magazine April 2018)




Photo: Eva MacNeil




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